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Koding Schools offers a plug-and-play solution to implement its curriculum into elementary and middle schools programs

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Koding Schools solution is perfectly suited for the educational
context within your school, offering a model that can adapt...


To your operations

The Digital Textbook for teaching Computer Science and Digital Literacy is to be included in the list of school supplies shared with students


To your current team

We train the trainers, even with no computer science teaching experience by focusing on their step-by-step Professional Development.


To your time constraints

You can implement the program to your primary and secondary school when you decide you are ready

For innovative schools wishing to offer their students
state-of-the-art computer science curriculum.

01 – Innovative

A curriculum designed for schools wishing to offer innovative teaching.

02 – Scalable

A curriculum that can be implemented at all levels from day one.

03 – All-in-one

An all-in-one solution including student program, online resources, and teachers’ training.

04 – Accessible

An accessible curriculum that can be taught by teachers without computer science teaching experience.

08- Multilingual

Possibility for the school to choose between 3 languages: Arabic, French and English.

07 – Educational

Use of modern pedagogy based on the active participation of learners.

06 – Rich

A comprehensive 360-degree curriculum, based on state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of teaching coding and digital literacy.

05 – Progressive

An adaptable curriculum that can be implemented across all primary school levels from the first year of deployment.

An online and interactive textbook that comprises 3 parts :



A computer science and digital literacy curriculum structured around educational objectives for children.

Combining theory, practice, and projects, the curriculum is implemented based on an active pedagogy that blends real-life examples, offline activities, and online hands-on projects.



For teachers: the curriculum includes detailed lesson scripts, slides for presentations inside the classroom, and all the necessary resources for each lesson. For students: it provides hands-on exercises to practice their skills and quizzes to assess and validate their learning.



Initial training of teachers in the educational objectives of the curriculum, the course, the use of the platform and pedagogy.

Getting ready before each lesson.

1 - A curriculum multi-level


Covering all digital literacy topics

Algorithms, Computer Programming, Technology, Digital Citizenship, Information & Data… Everything students need to master their digital environment



The platform, the resources, the programming space are available in 3 languages, depending of each school’s choice.


Ready-to-go from day one

We have developed transitional curricula to facilitate a synchronized learning experience for all levels (from year 1 of elementary to last year of middle school), ensuring that students can catch up on essential concepts from previous grade levels.


Suitable for children's ages

Structured around educational objectives. Combining theory, practice and projects, implemented on the basis of a combination of real-life examples, offline activities, and online practical work.

2 - An online platform, easy to use

For teachers

For students and parents

3 - Online teacher training even without experience (MOOC)

Initial training

Initial training of teachers in the educational objectives of the curriculum, the course, the use of the platform and pedagogy.

Course preparation

Preparation of lessons  before each class using explanatory videos, detailed scripts and quizzes for validation of learning

Personalized assistance

Personalized assistance according to the needs of each teacher, each school, as an option.

Koding Schools, partner of inwi and the Ministry of National Education

For more than 60 teachers without computer training

Benefitting over 850 students

In 50 schools in rural areas

Example of a digital manual computer coding

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Discover in video the details of the operation, as well as the testimony of teachers, students and Malik Bouachrine

They talk about us


They trust us


Meet the Founders

From Koding Kids to Koding Schools

Kawthar Bouachrine


15 years of experience

Engineer – Marketing Product Manager
Marketing & Communication Director @ Groupon Morocco
Founder of pointdevue.ma Co-founder of Intaego, Inc

Malik Bouachrine

CEO and Co-Founder

12 years of Experience

IT Strategy Consultant
Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Innovation and technology Management Master INSA Lyon – IT Engineer


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